Amazing photos in every day areas

Winter time around Vancouver Island can be a difficult time for outdoor photographers. Booking a winter session normally means you’re asking your client if their flexible because it rains so often. Shoots are often rescheduled for another time, sometimes this process over and over.

While van der Valk photo does have an indoor studio, the photos shot in studio are very different than photos you get outside with natural light and surrounding scenery. So the solution isn’t always bringing people indoors.

So what can you do? Find outdoor locations that offer some protection from the elements yet bring in enough light to create vibrant portraits. If done correctly, using fast lens to blur out the background, you’d never know where most of the images were taken, but the results are nothing short of spectacular.

Take this photo of a young ballet dancer. This was taken under the concrete entrance to Edward Milne High School. Nice, light, wonderful catch lights and a creamy bokeh.

So if you’re hesitant to get photos done this time of year, give us a shout and see what we can do to make the ordinary, extraordinary in captures.

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