Making a connection in your photos

Empathy and Emotional Connection – These two things are extremely important in a good picture; we need both empathy and an emotional connection with whom the viewers will attach.

The challenge for photographers is how to tell the story of what they see in front of their eyes, and how to convey an emotion through those images.

We tend to like simplicity in our photos and let the people tell the story. Take for example this shot. It works well. Why?

Well, we have that “magic hour” we were talking about on our last blog post. Fantastic sunset lighting. Clean light, vibrant and airy. We have a blurred background to eliminate and distractions and a blurred foreground to also help achieve our goals. What is left are two beautiful kids, a brother and sister, frozen in time, standing out amongst everything else around them. Hopefully this image will last a long time. One shared with their own children decades from now.

Kids grow up so fast. I’ve personally been experiencing this with my own two girls. Ensuring you have images to look back on when some of those distant memories fade are important to me.


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