New beauty dish for our studio

What do you do when you have a new light modifier? You find the closest, almost always willing, person to take head shots of. Last week we purchased a 22′ beauty dish for our studio strobes to get the most out of our head shot and modelling sessions.

When used up close, the beauty dish provides a very focused light source without a hot spot in the middle. It delivers a semi-hard light – softer than an on-camera flash or strobe unit, but harder than a softbox. The beauty dish provides a concentrated light source where the center is the brightest and the light gently falls off at the edges.

Enough with the technical, blah blah. What does it mean for you? It means even better portrait, head shot and modelling photos for you.

Here is Seana, an impromptu late night photo session using the new beauty dish on our strobe.

If you’re ready for a new beauty head shot for work, modelling, actor or may perhaps pleasure, give us a shout.  Click the contact button and send us an email.

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